A week like where not even a single player priced £10.0 or aboved scored 10+ points creates a lot of question moving forward, like, should we have more differentials in our team? do we really need pricy players? and many more questions similar to these.

These sort of weeks cause havoc among the FPL managers and some can make unnecessary decisions. Although this is football and this is Premier League, where a bottom placed team can defeat the team at the very top. Fantasy Premier League is the most toughest Fantasy Football in the World. FPL managers nowadays are dealing a seasonal illness, i.e., PEP Guardiola’s ROTATIONAL POLICY. FPL managers will never know how to beat this and they have already started suffering from it this season. With Kevin De Bruyne also face fitness test before the game we need to be ready to have replacement for the upcoming gameweek.

Transferring De Bruyne out of the squad will be a questionable move though as Pep, before the Champions league game, have stated that
“It’s not serious but today he could not play. We will see on Sunday,” said Guardiola.
“Maybe he can get it, but I think after the international break he will be fit.”
So we may require a replacement for the upcming gameweek rather than moving him out from the squad. De Bruyne has been in sensational form this season and also has the most FPL points in the league, i.e., 63.

We got solid points from the defence last gameweek from our predicted line-up but, forwards dissapointed. Tammy Abraham and Teemu Pukki have blanked over the last two gameweeks. We predict the possible players to get high points for this gameweek and replace Kevin De Bruyne for this weekend.

Possible Dream Team for this gameweek?
Captain Choice – Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah has been in superb form at home in the League. Salah, priced £12.5, has not been inspiring in the past two gameweeks. But having scored twice in the mid-week UEFA Champions League game, Salah can be in hot form this weekend at home. Liverpool play Leicester City on Saturday at Anfield. Leicester City are looking to make statement again in the League this season. Mohamed Salah is our Captain choice for this gameweek, as Liverpool are at home and Salah has been in great form at home this season. Salah is owned by 41.1% FPL managers, which have dropped from being 42.2% last week. Liverpool won a well fought game against Sheffiled United last week and remain unbeaten in the League. Salah has 53 points in total in the Premier League. Though they have a Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) of 3 and Leicester have been in form this season, still Liverpool look strong enough to stay unbeaten. Prediction – Liverpool 2-1 Leicester City.

Mohamed Salah (number 11)

NamePricePointsAgainst with Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)
Ederson£6.129Wolverhampton Wanderers, FDR – 2

Ederson is the most expensive Goal-Keeper in the League with a price tag of £6.1. Ederson has combined number of most clean sheets (3 clen sheets). He is owned by 21.9% FPL managers, which is second in the list of most owned keepers behind David Button of Brighton (Button has not yet feautred in the league, that technically makes Ederson most owned goalkepper in the league). Ederson also tops in the chart of High Claims (6 high claims) which is also shared with three other keepers. Machester City are at home this week against Wolves. Wolves had an away thursday night game in Istabul, Turkey. Machester City will be favourites to win this game with a clean sheet. Prediction – Manhester City 3-0 Wolves.

NamePricePointsAgainst with Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)
Erik Pieters£4.833Everton, FDR – 2

Pieters (£4.8) was featured in our last gameweek team as well. Although Burnley conceded 2 goals least week, Pieters provided an assist, as it was mentioned in our previous article about his crossing threat. Burnley still remain unbeaten aginst teams outside the ‘Top Six’ in this season. Erik has 3 assist to his name which is most by a Burnley player and only one assist behind second placed Buendia and David Silva. Everton have struggled for consistency and this has proven costly. Pieters is selected by 12.6% FPL managers which has risen from being 11.2% last week. Both teams do have defensive problems and this game looks difficult to predict a winner. Prediction – Burnley 2-0 Everton.

NamePricePointsAgainst with Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)
Ricardo Periera£6.139Liverpool, FDR – 5

Ricardo Periera has been arguably the best player for Leicester City this season and last week he showed why he is a great threat running down the wings. Periera priced has increased £0.1 from the last week and not only that his FPL selection has also rocketed to 7.7% from being 6.0% last week. Well we suggested Periera last week as well, do remember guys his upcoming schedule looks delightful. Ricardo has made 33 tackles in the League this season, which now makes him first on the list by any player this season. Last week performance also made him top the charts for most points for a Defender in the League. He looks another must have type of player for FPL managers. Though Leicester are away to Liverpool this gameweek but we can expect an open game which make him vulnerable to Liverpool’s defence. Prediction – Liverpool 2-1 Leicester City.

NamePricePointsAgainst with Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)
Aaron Cresswell£4.921Crystal Palace, FDR – 2
Aaron Cresswell (number 3)

Aaron Cresswell has 21 points and from only two games he has played this season. He has clearly credited by the dismissal of Arthur Masuaku. Priced only £4.9, he is owned by 1.7% FPL managers. He was a clear differential last week with only 0.6% teams having his services. This week he still remains a differential with 1.7% FPL selection. Cresswell is also a free kick option for West Ham, which proved so good against Manchester United. He has already registered 5 shots in just two games and looks a threat on free kicks. West Ham will be at home this weekend up against Crystal Palace, who have struggled on road in the League. Prediction – West Ham United 2-0 Crystal Palace.

NamePricePointsAgainst with Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)
Trent Alexander-Arnold£7.2 37Leicester City, FDR – 3

Trent is the third most selected defender in the league, with 29.6% teams have his services now which have risen from being 28.3% last week. He is a threat from his free kicks, not only that he takes corners as well. Alexander-Arnold has created 5 Big Chances this season which is third most by any player in the League. He tops the chart for the number of crosses as well, 68 crosses which increased by 8 from the last week. There is no doubt why Trent should not be in your FPL team. He is a must have defender for your FPL team. Prediction – Liverpool 2-1 Leicester City.

NamePricePointsAgainst with Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)
Emiliano Buendia£6.0 28Aston Villa, FDR – 2

Emiliano Buendia is owned by 2.0% FPL managers, which has fallen by 0.1%. Emiliano has attempted 37 crosses in the league, the most by any Norwich player. With Cantwell’s fitness makes him a doubt for next game, Emiliano becomes an option for FPL managers against Aston Villa this gameweek at home. Norwich have been good at home this season. He still sits second in terms of assists this season only behind Kevin De Bruyne. He is a good option with £6.0 price tag. Norwich are against Aston Villa this week at home. The Villans have dropped a league-high eight points from winning positions. Prediction – Norwich 2-0 Aston Villa.

NamePricePointsAgainst with Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)
Mason Mount£6.739Southampton, FDR – 2

Mount has made an impressive start to this season and has all the support he needs from his manager. His priced has increased to £6.7 and now he has an ownership of 30.6%, which makes him a non-differential but he has become a must have in our FPL teams. His priced has also increased from £6.6 from the last week. Chelsea are up against Southampton with a FDR of 2. Mason Mount has 39 points which is second most by any Chelsea player, just behind Tammy Abraham. He has registered 37 crosses, the most by a Chelsea player in the League. Mason Mount is also on corner duty for Chelsea which makes him a threat from corners and other set pieces to bag an assist or two. Prediction – Southampton 0-2 Chelsea.

NamePricePointsAgainst with Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)
Teemu Pukki£7.2 53Aston Villa, FDR – 2

Pukki priced at £7.2 is selected by 44.4% FPL teams, which has fallen by 0.4%. Teemu Pukki has 15 shots on target , most by any player in the league. He has been in superb form at home for his club this season with 5 goals and 2 assists. Norwich are against Aston Villa at home this week, making it as high scoring week potential for Pukki. Teemu Pukki can become the fifth player to score in each of his first four home appearances in the Premier League, following in the footsteps of Micky Quinn, Hamilton Ricard, Rafael van der Vaart and Diego Costa. He is still third on the list for most points in the league. Prediction – Norwich 2-0 Aston Villa.

NamePricePointsAgainst with Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)
Tammy Abraham£7.6 53Southampton, FDR – 2

Tammy Abraham scored in the mid-week Champions League game to continue his impressive start to his first ever top flight season. He is selected by 38.1% FPL managers, increased by 6.3% from last week. He has attempted 23 shots this week and is second on the list for most number of shots on target (12). The Saints failed to upset the ten-man Spurs at the weekend, but their performance in the defeat to Spurs was anything but poor. Chelsea have a FDR of 2 for this gameweek as they will be looking to extend their run of victories in the League. Prediction – Southampton 0-2 Chelsea.

NamePricePointsAgainst with Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang£11.053AFC Bournemouth, FDR – 2
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (number 17)

Aubameyang has been in hot form this season with 7 goals and 1 assist to his name. Priced at £11.0 , he is owned by 25.2% FPL managers. He has 53 points which makes him third on the list of most points in the League. Aubameyang has 10 shots on target that makes it most by an Arsenal player. He is becoming a must have FPL player. With FDR of 2 and a great run of fixtures for Arsenal, Aubameyang looks like a real asset for our FPL teams for few games ahead. Prediction – Arsenal 3-2 AFC Bournemouth.

Out of these 11 players, it should be noted that Mason played almost full 90 mins mid-week where he looked a little out of pace. I can give you an alternative to Mason
Andriy Yarmolenko of West Ham United have come to life in the League in the last two games. He is priced at £6.0 with only 4.2% FPL ownership. He has scored 3 goals this season for his club in the League.

Captaincy alternative –
Pierre Emrick Aubameyang – He has 53 points which makes him third on the list of most points in the League. Aubameyang has 10 shots on target that makes it most by an Arsenal player. He is becoming a must have FPL player.

Good luck guys. Beware of Pep’s rotational Policy. We hope you all get your questions get more clear answer from our article, you can also ask us questions on Twitter, Instagram or in the comment section below.

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